Many have asked where we have purcahsed our temple sets. We have made them all on our own with a collection of our own LEGO bricks.
We have bought them mostly from the Pick a Brick wall at different LEGO stores around the country.
There have been times we have wanted to buy specific bricks, for a temple.  Our go-to local seller has pulled through a few times.  It is not the cheapest way to buy LEGO, but we have found a family that has a great selection of used and new bricks.  We go to his store online, put all we want in our cart, order them and select pick-up.  Then we take our cash to his house and don't have to pay shipping. He has them all organized in small Ziploc bags according to what we buy.  WE LOVE IT! I hesitate to tell you all because I want him to keep having what I need, but more business for him will probably be best;)

Here are some of our favorite things to buy as well.
A 1210 pc set of WHITE BRICKS with a huge book of instructions for different architecture.
And the plates from Nilo that we always use!! There are other large plates from LEGO, but these are the best deal we have found and the green ones are just perfect for Temple building and landscape.

Not currently.  We have been asked this so many times, that we often think about selling a "temple lot" of LEGOs we find would be useful to make a temple. To buy some now, visit the nearest LEGO store PAB(Pick a brick) wall and get an assortment of white LEGOs they have at the time.  Stacking them together and shaking it all down really gets you more for your money than just dropping them in, so give yourself some time to do that when visiting.
If you do not have a LEGO store near you, search on Ebay, and your own lego collection  for white bricks and do your best.  There are some great non-white temples to build as well, so do what works for you!

Check out our deconstruction photo of the Montevideo  temple.  It is a small temple that can be used for a lot of other temples.  We just visit the church website and print out several pictures of the temple and go for it.  We have discovered in our family we have to have an "architect" assigned each time that makes final decisions.  Then we don't need to argue over how it is built.  Younger kids can search and find certain pieces, maybe put together a wall that will be put on, or add landscaping details.

Both.  We display them in our house for one week(sometimes more), then take it apart and sort the bricks to get ready for our next temple.  This can often be more fun than building it. Legolas almost always laughs and says "Build ye in holy places and be not DESTROYED!" as we take each one down.  This is part of the reason we created the blog, so we would have a record of what we built.

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