Sunday, June 30, 2013

Helsinki Finland

A couple in our ward, the Thelins, are headed to Finland on a mission.  We are very exctied for them and wish them the best! Here is the Helsinki Finland Temple in their honor!

 Our cousin building the steeple!
Helsinki LEGO Temple
Photograph of the Helsinki Finland Mormon TemplePhotograph of the Helsinki Finland Mormon Temple
Helsinki Finland Temple photos from

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Guest Lego Temple

A dear friend from my mission sent us piitures of a LEGO temple her boys made.  In her words:
"The sister missionaries came over for dinner last night. Before coming upstairs, they helped my boys pick out white Lego blocks to build a temple. This is their final product."
Thank you Becker Boys!
To send us your LEGO temple email!
We will try to build our own today.  We are finaly not prepping for some camp tomorow for any member of the Brick family! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kyiv, Ukraine Temple

Who would have thought summer would be busier than the school year?
We'll see how many temples we're able to build.  Any photos of your own creations would be greatly appreciated! 
Kyiv, Ukraine LEGO temple
Our neighbors recently adopted their adorable daughter from the Ukraine and it prompted us to build a temple to welcome her!
Photograph of the Kyiv Ukraine Mormon Temple
 Kyiv, Ukraine Temple Photo from
This model is smal because we had 2 large temples already built and not yet taken apart.
It was fun to see how many we could have built at one time.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Toronto Canada


 Grandmafigure was in town and built this temple with the grandkids.  Legolas probably did themost with her.  Studette and Aunt Blockie helped as well.  It was so fun to have Grandmafigure in town! 

Ray Ray, Aunt Blockie, Studette, Grandmafigure, Bob the Builder, Legolas
We had almost as much fun taking the picture with our little point-and-shoot camera as we did building it!
Toronto Lego Temple
Toronto, Ontario  Temple
Photo courtesy