Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Wedding

Building the LA Temple made us reminisce about our wedding Day.  I've never loved our wedding pictures.  Here are some pictures I found today that show the temple.
 It was a beautiful day in sunny California at the beginning of winter in Utah.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Los Angeles

Last Week's temple.  This week we had a Birthday party for Grandma and didn't build one.
 We have decided to draw who gets to decide which temple we will build on a given week.  Since Studette chose the temple last week, the boys checked out.  This became a 3 person project.
Studette chose "Our temple" The Los Angeles. This is where our family was sealed forever. Where my parents were sealed too! A holy place for us, for sure!

I love this angle because Mr. Brick and Mrs. Minifigure had many pictures taken around here. 


Here they are at the Draper temple with OUR draper temple.  Don't be fooled, that sky WAS NOT blue.  The kids were not that exctied to be there either...Sometimes bribery is worth it!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

All in a name

As Legolas (Our eldest son) and I were at a special church meeting last night, we were so inspired by the 2013 theme for the youth of the church worldwide, Stand Ye in Holy Places.
We had built the Draper temple during the day and had decided it would be fun to start a blog to document our adventure.  Different names were discussed.
So at the meeting, Legolas leaned over to me and whispered "Build in Holy Places."
That was it!  I am so proud of him for capturing the spirit of excitement!
As parents we hope this journey will help our children:
1. Appreciate the beauty of the temples
2. Love the beautiful promises that are given to families there
3. Build each other as we build the House of the Lord
4. Prepare to go there one day themselves

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

A List of LDS Temples


After all the new legos were organized, we created our home town, Draper temple on Sunday.
The kids really got into the stain glass windows(filled with little blue and clear dot pieces) and the landscape details.

Legolas, Studette, and Stud 
Landscape Architect: Studette
Concrete Contractor and Moroni Creator: Legolas
Parking Lot Paver and Wedding Couple Stylist: Stud
This started as a Nauvoo temple and quickly turned into a temple of our own creation:)
On Mr Brick's work trip to Chicago in November, he had a great time fitting as many LEGOS as possible into 3 Pick-A-Brick containers as a gift for the kids.  He was dissapointed when Mrs Minifigure made him wait until Christmas to give them!
Before his trip back to Chicago last week, he started this temple with the kids to see what pieces he needed to add to the stock while near the LEGO store again.  In fact, he had a box given to him at his last purchase that he got to fill for free. 

Our first lego temple was a form of letter for our cousin, Nathan.
He is serving a mission in Hawaii and so we built this Laie Temple since it is where he was serving at the time. This inspired us to get a collection of white legos so we could do this as a traditional Sunday activity!