Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cardston Alberta- Guest Build

This family found our blog through!
This is what their email to us said,
"We decided to send in our Summer Lego project that we entered in our local "family lego project" contest. The boys all got ring pops for their hard work, hence the blue mouths in the family picture. We ran out of white Lego, this is every piece we had, we also ran out of green lego. I think the boys are going to get a white Lego kit and a green Lego kit for Christmas!
This is the Cardston, AB temple. We would love to see your awesome version of our temple. I love what you guys are doing, I think you just created a group of little followers.
From the Peavoys,
Kym (mom), Bill (dad), Liam, Ezra, Mosiah, Obadiah, Hyrum and baby Rosena"
Thanks Peavoy Family!  We think your version is wonderful!
Thanks for sharing a great family activity!

 Peavoy "family LEGO project" display
Peavoy Family at the Cardston Alberta Temple with their LEGO rendition
To share your own LEGO temple creation email us at

Sunday, October 20, 2013

São Paulo Brazil

 This temple has been one we have wanted to make for months.
The first temple in Brazil, the first in South America.   
Irma Floripes photo by Edmilson Motta Luz 
We've all heard stories of the sacrifice members have made to make it to this temple.
This woman was such an example of love for the temple.  When Mrs Minifigure was a missionary, Sister Floripes was 106 years old and still took the 12 hour bus ride to visit the temple every chance she could. She would stay for a week with other members of the Stake and would stay in the temple ALL DAY!  She was the oldest woman known at the time of her death at 118!
I consider it a blessing to have known her and her daughter, valiant, dedicated, loving, hard working daughters of God!

Sao Paulo Temple
Photo by Edmilson Motta Luz

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moroni Added

We asked the question last month

Which other 6 temples besides the Bern Switzerland temple

had Moroni added after the temple dedication?

Well, we actually found not just 6, but 8 more.  If we missed one that you know of,
tell us the story!
Linda Allen guessed right with Boston and
Kaylers guessed Ogden!
Way to go!


Dedicated: 1985
Statue added: 2001
Ogden Utah
Dedicated: 1967
Statue added: 2002
Dedicated: 1967
Statue added: 2003
Sao Paulo Brazil
Dedicated 1975
Statue added:2003
Tokyo Japan
Dedicated: 1975
Statue added: 2004
Dedicated: 1952
Statue added: 2005
Dedicated: 1953
Statue added: 2008
Dedicated: 2000
Statue (and steeple) added 2001
Dedicated: June 2004
Statue added: October 2004

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gilbert, AZ- Guest Build

Look what we found in our inbox!!
Thanks for sharing, Burton Family!
"We just completed the Gilbert Temple, which is almost finished being built.  You can see in our picture of the picture of the actual temple that it doesn't even have stained glass windows on it, yet."
 Rick and Andrew (son) Burton
LEGO Gilbert Arizona Temple

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LDS Conference Center


We hope all enjoyed General Conference this last weekend.

General Conference is a fun tradition at our house.
6 months ago we did a survey on this blog and built the Boston Temple.
It turned out beautiful, but was NOT a great Conference activity.
As the Brick kids get older we try different activities than before.
This weekend worked wonderfully!
 This was mostly built in between the Sunday sessions and Sunday night.

 Our activities: Each bag (15 with a picture of each apostle) had a treat or an activity to help the kids listen to Conference. 
 This felt Geometrical design ended up beautifully and just kept them quiet.
The kids had made predictions from the Fantasy General Conference, so were listening to hear a general topic for each talk.  We don't expect them to soak it all in, just to feel the spirit and pick up a few things that affect their own lives.
 Sunday after 8-10 hours of Conference, the mountains were calling us.  Another Holy Place!
LEGO Conference Center
LDS Conference Center