Sunday, February 24, 2013

Papeete Tahiti Temple

Doesn't this photo make you want to be there?  Let's go!
After today's build we made a list of places we want to visit before Legolas goes on a mission in 4 years!!!
 Studette started this temple and was having a hard time with the roof.  Mr Brick came and saved the day, finishing the roof and steeple while Studette planted the flower garden.
In order to make the proportions right and have enough bricks, they decided to make this a "front view" only temple.  What a beautiful, holy place!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Stud's pick was the Bountiful, Utah temple.
Despite a lack of excitment this week, the kids all got into it with the steeple and roof.  "Little" Stud made the steeple.  Mr Brick and Mrs Mini Figure stayed out of it and it turned out great!!
 The Bride and groom are actually holding hands! a special Valentines touch again by Stud.
Mr Brick made the arched entry.  Curves are always tricky in Lego building. 
This was our first attempt.  WAY too big.  So we scaled down and I think it turned out even better!  This view gives you a peek at what the building process looks like.  Legolas wants to do the inside one time.  Maybe a cross section of a temple with rooms inside.  Fun, Fun!

A week off!

We were out of town last week.
And here is what we brought home!!
The Pick a Brick at the Lego store was great to us. After we got home , we wish we would have gotten more window pieces.  Thinking of creating your own set of Temple Lego pieces?
Our favorites are:
Brick 1x2 with stick- makes great texture or ridge around top of many temples.

 1x1x5. This tall brick helps the next brick to make even walls and get the height you need quickly.
 1x2x5- OUR FAVORITE BRICK!!! This beauty makes building a whole floor Easy, Peazy! We have over 100 of these and run out with every build!
All different size white plates are vital to making roofs.  We could have about 100 more!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Provo, Utah temple

Temple pick of the week by Legolas:
Provo Utah
 Since this temple is right across the street from the Provo Missionary Training Center, we decided to put missionaries in front instead of a bride and groom.  This temple is hard because the top portion is more rounded.  Legolas tried to "round" the corners, which he did pretty well, but need more practice with that one!  Any ideas?

Stud and Studette made the fountain and added the landscaping.  Legolas was very particular, though and made sure it met his standards.  I kept trying to get him to relax and let his siblings be creative.  However, the Conference talk about a man making sure there was no grit on the wall of a temple in Hawaii kept coming to mind.  I'm guessing that General Authority was not contentious or critical, just meticulous.  Let's just say we're working on that!