Friday, April 26, 2013

Bern Switzerland- Guest Build

Our Legoscenta cousins did it again!!!
They are amazing and we are impressed with the landscaping wACo did. ARCHitect constructed the steeple and the Swiss flag. The light fixtures are a favorite touch!
Grandmafigure has really gotten into the LEGO temple tradition.
Check out the last Legoscenta cousins' creation here.

Photograph of the Bern Switzerland Mormon Temple
Bern, Switzerland Temple

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Freiberg, Germany

This week's Temple was our most ambitious building project yet.  We bit off a little more than we could chew with the roof, but we like how it turned out. 
This Temple is also built in honor of - 
  • Pres. Uchtdorf  - we always love his conference talks
  • A close friend from Germany that worked with Mr. Brick
  • A wonderful family we met from Germany last summer at a campground on a California beach
  • Our dear Ohio neighbors whose son studies Deutsch and was intrigued by the various language copies of "Das Buch Mormon" when we visited Temple Square with them
  • Lastly,for Legolas as he starts his journey to study German in High School next year!
Das Haus Des Herrn
(House of the Lord)
Heilig Dem Herrn
(Holiness to the Lord)
 The Brick Family
 Up close
 Back view
 Freiberg LEGO Temple
Photograph of the Freiberg Germany Mormon Temple
Freiberg, Germany Temple

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark- Guest Build

We have a new builder to add to our blog!!!
Thanks so much to this 5 year "Lego fanatic" that built the
Copenhagen, Denmark temple with his LEGOs
We can't wait to see more!
 Look at that smile!
LEGO Denmark Temple
Photograph of the Copenhagen Denmark Mormon Temple
Copenhagen, Denmark Temple Photo from

Temple of the Week: In Progress

Mr Brick Scored a whole box of 2x2 gray sloped bricks at the LEGO store in New York last week.
He decided to try building the roof first for the Freiberg, Germany temple.  The roof ended up with a really high pitch, as viewed above.
He changed the slope and started the roof on the left.

 Here is the underside currently.  It is taking us much longer than any other roof, let alone an entire temple!!!  This may not appear until next week.  Thanks for checking us out! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pick a brick wall tip!

I love this tip!  We'll have to figure out some tips for our most loved bricks!
What a cute Dad to do this with his daughter! 
To find the closest LEGO store to you

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Boston Temple 3D Model
We just saw these 3D computer diagrams of 83 of the temples.  They are created by someone named Brian Olsen and are amazing! I found him on Youtube and am so excited about it helping the kids get an idea of details of the temples from a different perspective!  Take a look over at our Related Links------------->

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boston, Massachusetts

Thank you so much to everyone who voted on our poll.
The winner with 47% was
 Boston, Massachusets
This was a tough temple to build.  It was NOT a good Conference activity as everyone had a different idea of how it should be done.  So we left it alone for a while and came back after Conference was over. 
Back View
Everyone worked a little on this build. It required more parental involvement than some of our others, but we love how it turned out.
As General Conference ended yesterday there was a slide show of temples.  Studette and Bob the Builder were naming each one as they came up, then saying a few times, "Which temple is that?"  Never have they been more intersted in the House of the Lord.  Thanks to everyone for helping them feel the excitement of these holy places!!
Photograph of the Boston Massachusetts Mormon Temple
Boston, Massachusets Temple Photo couresty

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Your temple DOESN'T have to be big!

Hi, This is Studette.
Here is a mini temple I built on Sunday. I love the little cars and people!

Thank you SO much for viewing, hope you enjoy.

Forever and Always
 Studette with her mini Manhatten Temple!
The long colored ones are cars, The ones with orange tops are people, the black pieces with yellow tops are street lamps!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What Temple should we build next?

Vote on the top left corner of the page!!

Right Up there!

If you want one other that the four listed, Just leave a comment on this post!
What does your family do for General Conference?
We have done
Conference Bingo,
Conference Packets of all kinds,
games of the General Leaders of the church,
journals (We have some cute ones that Studette has filled out over the years.)
Most of these activities help Studette get a lot out of the weekend and used to help the boys, but Legolas has sort of grown out of some of them.
In October we did:
puzzles of temple square,
a foam 3D puzzle of the Salt Lake Temple.
These helped keep them quiet and listening.
Food and writing down personal questions to seek for answers have yielded the most consistent results.
This weekend we are going to build Lego temples while we listen.
Join us and send in your photos!