Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boston, Massachusetts

Thank you so much to everyone who voted on our poll.
The winner with 47% was
 Boston, Massachusets
This was a tough temple to build.  It was NOT a good Conference activity as everyone had a different idea of how it should be done.  So we left it alone for a while and came back after Conference was over. 
Back View
Everyone worked a little on this build. It required more parental involvement than some of our others, but we love how it turned out.
As General Conference ended yesterday there was a slide show of temples.  Studette and Bob the Builder were naming each one as they came up, then saying a few times, "Which temple is that?"  Never have they been more intersted in the House of the Lord.  Thanks to everyone for helping them feel the excitement of these holy places!!
Photograph of the Boston Massachusetts Mormon Temple
Boston, Massachusets Temple Photo couresty

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  1. This was the temple my wife and I would visit every month when we lived in Rhode Island. Many fond memories! Thanks for sharing your creative endeavors with us.