Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bern Switzerland - Guest Build

This week we are finally posting Samuel Bradshaw's model of the
Bern Switzerland Temple.
 A large model, indeed!
 We love the Moroni holding the scriptures!

LEGO Bern temple
Bern Switzerland Temple

Comment below and tell us any of the 6 other temples that had Moroni added after the dedication!

online temples

Today we played around with some online Building Games
Here is one of the Kirtland Temple on

Sorry for the lousy photo!
If Mr Brick were home, we would have done a screen shot BEFORE pressing print.  Once it printed, the temple was deleted:(

This game was very basic and really fun for little kids.

Here is an original design from Bob the Builder
We have downloaded another builder program from LEGO, but it is a little more complicated and we'll see what we come up with!

What online LEGO builder do  you use?

Comment below!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nauvoo, Guest Build

This week's temple was built by
Lex Gidley of the Agoura, CA 1st ward.
Here is her note to us...

Hello Brick family,

I just started building Temples about a month ago, after my friend's family did it in their ward as a youth activity. Then I happened to find your blog. As a single female, I don't have quite as many Legos as your family, but I thought I'd still share my latest Temple. I actually use them in my lessons (Relief Society and Sunday School). The adults love them as much as the kids do when they come rushing in afterwards.
Keep on building - I'm hooked!
Lex, we're glad you're hooked and hope you'll keep sending us photos!
We love the idea of using it for a lesson.