Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nauvoo, Guest Build

This week's temple was built by
Lex Gidley of the Agoura, CA 1st ward.
Here is her note to us...

Hello Brick family,

I just started building Temples about a month ago, after my friend's family did it in their ward as a youth activity. Then I happened to find your blog. As a single female, I don't have quite as many Legos as your family, but I thought I'd still share my latest Temple. I actually use them in my lessons (Relief Society and Sunday School). The adults love them as much as the kids do when they come rushing in afterwards.
Keep on building - I'm hooked!
Lex, we're glad you're hooked and hope you'll keep sending us photos!
We love the idea of using it for a lesson. 

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