Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lego Nativity

If you search "Lego Nativity" on Pinterest there are some great ideas!
We found the link to these instructions and decided to make this HOLY scene today.
It was hard to find all the pieces they used, but we improvised and loved the drawings they made!
We usually build temples for this blog. The temple has NO meaning without the miraculous birth, life, death, and resurrection of our Savior, the Son of God, Jesus Christ!
In fact, when we enter the temple, we learn of Him and how much He and God the Father love us.
We don't share that enough here on our little spot in cyberspace.
So we want to make it clear to all who happen upon our blog,
We believe in Jesus Christ.  He is our Redeemer and the only way toward heaven!
We celebrate his birth this season and wish you all a

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hamilton, New Zealand

 Studette built the Hamilton, New Zealand temple with our new LEGO temple kit.
To find out which pieces are in that set, see our instructions tab or click here.
It only took her about an hour.
I really like the detail sticker she put on the steeple with a lable maker.  Inventive.

LEGO New Zealand Temple

Photograph of the Hamilton New Zealand Mormon Temple
Hamilton New Zealand Temple

Saturday, December 14, 2013

More Instructions

Check out our New and Improved instructions tab at the top of the page!
The Mt Timpanogos Temple instructions are now posted there in 3 sections.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Guayaquil, Ecuador (small)

Today the kids each made a mini model of a temple from our new set of LEGOs.
We hope to have instructions soon. Sorry the instructions take a while to post.
So, that makes 4 temples we can build with this set! The next few weeks we will show you each one.
One of the best things about it was the kids could make them easily by themselves at this size. It is not too overwhelming for them. It took less than an hour!
Legolas, Studette and Bob the Builder have had a lot of practice building temples, but every child that comes to our home seems to be creative with LEGO!

Today we show you Legolas's version of the
Guayaquil, Ecuador temple in honor of our neighbor, Elder Barney who just left to serve as a missionary there!
Merry Christmas Barney Family!

Guayaquil, Ecuador LEGO temple
I really like that this temple has a steeple on the back end of the building.  Unusual.
Photograph of the Guayaquil Ecuador Mormon Temple
Guayaquil, Ecuador temple
By the way, we have been wanting to make a large LEGO model lately. Time just hasn't permitted, but don't worry, we haven't stopped! Choir practice has just taken precedence!

Friday, November 29, 2013

LEGO Temple kit for purchase

Currently Sold Out

2/5/16 Thanks so much for your interest.  This has been a fun adventure for us! We have stopped selling kits.  If you would like to buy a brick temple kit, check out!

After MANY requests we have decided to build and sell a simple Temple along with instructions.  We have assembled 18 LEGO sets that will build the Mt Timpanogos Temple.  This could be a great gift for newlyweds, parents, or grandparents.

This temple is about 8"H x 6"W x 5"D and the price for the 368 pieces is $48 + shipping

The cost for these exact bricks if ordered online from would be $73.81.  We have been able to build up our white LEGOcollection by visiting over a dozen LEGO stores across the country over the last year and filling up small buckets from their Pick-A-Brick walls, which is how we can sell these for less.

The LEGOs will be shipped in a padded envelope and we will post the instructions to our blog the first week of December.  These instructions will also be available for anyone to use, if you want to do this with your own brick collection.

We were looking for something just like this a year ago when we first started building LEGOTemples.  We searched for instructions or something to help us get started and couldn't find anything, so we are hoping to help make it possible for others.

Order Instructions:

1. Send us your order in an email to (include your name and address)
2. We will send you our PayPal account information and the amount for shipping.  A set will be held for you. (You can pay by check, but the check will have to clear before shipment)
3. Once our PayPal account has received payment we will send your set to you ASAP.

Send us an email at to order. 

~Mrs. Minifigure

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mt Timpanogos Temple

Happy Thanksgiving!
This is our smaller version of the Mt Timpanogos Temple.
Check back with our blog Friday, November 29, as we have some exciting news about this LEGO temple and how you can have a chance to buy the LEGOs to build it yourself!

Photograph of the Mount Timpanogos Utah Mormon Temple

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Washington DC

 Legolas built a miniature version of the DC temple. 
LEGO DC Temple
Photograph of the Washington D.C. Mormon Temple
Washington DC Temple
Send us your creations at

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cardston Alberta- Guest Build

This family found our blog through!
This is what their email to us said,
"We decided to send in our Summer Lego project that we entered in our local "family lego project" contest. The boys all got ring pops for their hard work, hence the blue mouths in the family picture. We ran out of white Lego, this is every piece we had, we also ran out of green lego. I think the boys are going to get a white Lego kit and a green Lego kit for Christmas!
This is the Cardston, AB temple. We would love to see your awesome version of our temple. I love what you guys are doing, I think you just created a group of little followers.
From the Peavoys,
Kym (mom), Bill (dad), Liam, Ezra, Mosiah, Obadiah, Hyrum and baby Rosena"
Thanks Peavoy Family!  We think your version is wonderful!
Thanks for sharing a great family activity!

 Peavoy "family LEGO project" display
Peavoy Family at the Cardston Alberta Temple with their LEGO rendition
To share your own LEGO temple creation email us at

Sunday, October 20, 2013

São Paulo Brazil

 This temple has been one we have wanted to make for months.
The first temple in Brazil, the first in South America.   
Irma Floripes photo by Edmilson Motta Luz 
We've all heard stories of the sacrifice members have made to make it to this temple.
This woman was such an example of love for the temple.  When Mrs Minifigure was a missionary, Sister Floripes was 106 years old and still took the 12 hour bus ride to visit the temple every chance she could. She would stay for a week with other members of the Stake and would stay in the temple ALL DAY!  She was the oldest woman known at the time of her death at 118!
I consider it a blessing to have known her and her daughter, valiant, dedicated, loving, hard working daughters of God!

Sao Paulo Temple
Photo by Edmilson Motta Luz

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moroni Added

We asked the question last month

Which other 6 temples besides the Bern Switzerland temple

had Moroni added after the temple dedication?

Well, we actually found not just 6, but 8 more.  If we missed one that you know of,
tell us the story!
Linda Allen guessed right with Boston and
Kaylers guessed Ogden!
Way to go!


Dedicated: 1985
Statue added: 2001
Ogden Utah
Dedicated: 1967
Statue added: 2002
Dedicated: 1967
Statue added: 2003
Sao Paulo Brazil
Dedicated 1975
Statue added:2003
Tokyo Japan
Dedicated: 1975
Statue added: 2004
Dedicated: 1952
Statue added: 2005
Dedicated: 1953
Statue added: 2008
Dedicated: 2000
Statue (and steeple) added 2001
Dedicated: June 2004
Statue added: October 2004

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gilbert, AZ- Guest Build

Look what we found in our inbox!!
Thanks for sharing, Burton Family!
"We just completed the Gilbert Temple, which is almost finished being built.  You can see in our picture of the picture of the actual temple that it doesn't even have stained glass windows on it, yet."
 Rick and Andrew (son) Burton
LEGO Gilbert Arizona Temple

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LDS Conference Center


We hope all enjoyed General Conference this last weekend.

General Conference is a fun tradition at our house.
6 months ago we did a survey on this blog and built the Boston Temple.
It turned out beautiful, but was NOT a great Conference activity.
As the Brick kids get older we try different activities than before.
This weekend worked wonderfully!
 This was mostly built in between the Sunday sessions and Sunday night.

 Our activities: Each bag (15 with a picture of each apostle) had a treat or an activity to help the kids listen to Conference. 
 This felt Geometrical design ended up beautifully and just kept them quiet.
The kids had made predictions from the Fantasy General Conference, so were listening to hear a general topic for each talk.  We don't expect them to soak it all in, just to feel the spirit and pick up a few things that affect their own lives.
 Sunday after 8-10 hours of Conference, the mountains were calling us.  Another Holy Place!
LEGO Conference Center
LDS Conference Center

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bern Switzerland - Guest Build

This week we are finally posting Samuel Bradshaw's model of the
Bern Switzerland Temple.
 A large model, indeed!
 We love the Moroni holding the scriptures!

LEGO Bern temple
Bern Switzerland Temple

Comment below and tell us any of the 6 other temples that had Moroni added after the dedication!

online temples

Today we played around with some online Building Games
Here is one of the Kirtland Temple on

Sorry for the lousy photo!
If Mr Brick were home, we would have done a screen shot BEFORE pressing print.  Once it printed, the temple was deleted:(

This game was very basic and really fun for little kids.

Here is an original design from Bob the Builder
We have downloaded another builder program from LEGO, but it is a little more complicated and we'll see what we come up with!

What online LEGO builder do  you use?

Comment below!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nauvoo, Guest Build

This week's temple was built by
Lex Gidley of the Agoura, CA 1st ward.
Here is her note to us...

Hello Brick family,

I just started building Temples about a month ago, after my friend's family did it in their ward as a youth activity. Then I happened to find your blog. As a single female, I don't have quite as many Legos as your family, but I thought I'd still share my latest Temple. I actually use them in my lessons (Relief Society and Sunday School). The adults love them as much as the kids do when they come rushing in afterwards.
Keep on building - I'm hooked!
Lex, we're glad you're hooked and hope you'll keep sending us photos!
We love the idea of using it for a lesson. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

London England, Temple- Guest Build

A few weeks ago we received this email a few weeks ago.  What a lovely Librarian! Heber, you are so lucky.  Thanks, Alice for sharing your story and beautiful temple creation with us.  This is exactly what we hoped would happen by sharing our journey publicly.  I never thought of painting LEGOs!  The boys both have, but Mr Brick is pretty much a LEGO pureist:)

I am a Librarian in Wasatch County Utah. We just had a Lego Contest that I hosted at our library.  I love Legos and have built houses since I was 14 . I wanted to be an architect when I grew up.  For our Contest and Exhibit I wanted to build something amazing. I saw an article about your family in the paper and knew what I wanted to build.

I went to England the end of June 2013 (my 3rd time) and so I decided to do the London Temple. My best friend is from England and her family was sealed in the London Temple. She was married in the Preston England Temple (which I have visited too ) but I wanted to try the London Temple.  It is to pretty  much to scale and the best I could do. I am missing a few windows but, it is pretty true to the original building.  I took the picture from the Internet and my late night drive by in the rain while in the UK to get the details. I am an adult so It should be fairly good!

It is maid out of  90% LEGO 10% K'Nex. I painted  some of them white with a water based paint (which will come off when I soak it over night in water)  The K'nex were either blue, red, green, or yellow. I also sprayed it was sparkle hair spray so It will wash off. I just wanted to add a little sparkle. I am going to do the Finland Temple is kind of the joke  that is the temple I want to be married in because I live an hours drive from lots of temples and I think the Finland Temple is pretty cool.   So I probably won't remove the paint for now.

 Thanks for inspiring me!

Alice DeFriez

Wasatch County Library
Children's Librarian


 London Lego Temple
by Alice DeFriez
Photograph of the London England Mormon Temple
London England Temple photo from

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic- Legoscenta Cousins

While Aunt Artist and wACo were teaching a class and Ninjongo was at work, Legonardo DiVinci took his brothers, ARCHitecht, and Piece out Dude to Grandmafigure and Grandpafigures' house to build a temple all by themselves.

Here is their handy work:

 Legonardo DiVinci, Piece out Dude, and ARCHitecht

 Santo Domingo LEGO Temple
Santo Domingo Temple Photo from