Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cardston Alberta- Guest Build

This family found our blog through!
This is what their email to us said,
"We decided to send in our Summer Lego project that we entered in our local "family lego project" contest. The boys all got ring pops for their hard work, hence the blue mouths in the family picture. We ran out of white Lego, this is every piece we had, we also ran out of green lego. I think the boys are going to get a white Lego kit and a green Lego kit for Christmas!
This is the Cardston, AB temple. We would love to see your awesome version of our temple. I love what you guys are doing, I think you just created a group of little followers.
From the Peavoys,
Kym (mom), Bill (dad), Liam, Ezra, Mosiah, Obadiah, Hyrum and baby Rosena"
Thanks Peavoy Family!  We think your version is wonderful!
Thanks for sharing a great family activity!

 Peavoy "family LEGO project" display
Peavoy Family at the Cardston Alberta Temple with their LEGO rendition
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  1. Eeeek! It's the Peavoy's! Thank you for sharing our creation!