Friday, November 29, 2013

LEGO Temple kit for purchase

Currently Sold Out

2/5/16 Thanks so much for your interest.  This has been a fun adventure for us! We have stopped selling kits.  If you would like to buy a brick temple kit, check out!

After MANY requests we have decided to build and sell a simple Temple along with instructions.  We have assembled 18 LEGO sets that will build the Mt Timpanogos Temple.  This could be a great gift for newlyweds, parents, or grandparents.

This temple is about 8"H x 6"W x 5"D and the price for the 368 pieces is $48 + shipping

The cost for these exact bricks if ordered online from would be $73.81.  We have been able to build up our white LEGOcollection by visiting over a dozen LEGO stores across the country over the last year and filling up small buckets from their Pick-A-Brick walls, which is how we can sell these for less.

The LEGOs will be shipped in a padded envelope and we will post the instructions to our blog the first week of December.  These instructions will also be available for anyone to use, if you want to do this with your own brick collection.

We were looking for something just like this a year ago when we first started building LEGOTemples.  We searched for instructions or something to help us get started and couldn't find anything, so we are hoping to help make it possible for others.

Order Instructions:

1. Send us your order in an email to (include your name and address)
2. We will send you our PayPal account information and the amount for shipping.  A set will be held for you. (You can pay by check, but the check will have to clear before shipment)
3. Once our PayPal account has received payment we will send your set to you ASAP.

Send us an email at to order. 

~Mrs. Minifigure

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