Sunday, December 8, 2013

Guayaquil, Ecuador (small)

Today the kids each made a mini model of a temple from our new set of LEGOs.
We hope to have instructions soon. Sorry the instructions take a while to post.
So, that makes 4 temples we can build with this set! The next few weeks we will show you each one.
One of the best things about it was the kids could make them easily by themselves at this size. It is not too overwhelming for them. It took less than an hour!
Legolas, Studette and Bob the Builder have had a lot of practice building temples, but every child that comes to our home seems to be creative with LEGO!

Today we show you Legolas's version of the
Guayaquil, Ecuador temple in honor of our neighbor, Elder Barney who just left to serve as a missionary there!
Merry Christmas Barney Family!

Guayaquil, Ecuador LEGO temple
I really like that this temple has a steeple on the back end of the building.  Unusual.
Photograph of the Guayaquil Ecuador Mormon Temple
Guayaquil, Ecuador temple
By the way, we have been wanting to make a large LEGO model lately. Time just hasn't permitted, but don't worry, we haven't stopped! Choir practice has just taken precedence!

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