Sunday, March 31, 2013

Montevideo, Uruguay


Legolas and Bob the Builder(His new name)
 We didn't think we'd have time to build a temple on Easter, but Legolas insisted.
One of his friends at church asked him which temple we would be building today:)
 Legolas was the architect today.
Bob the Builder took on his usual role of constructing the steeple
Lego Montevideo Temple

Montevideo Uruguay Temple

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Manti Temple-

Sing along to "I love the see the temple"

I love to see the temple and this week we will see
A guest-build by some cousins, done so beautifully.
For the temple is a House of God, a place of love and beauty.
As we build together lovingly, our home can be more holy...

Our Cedar-figure cousins have built this replica of the Manti Temple. So beautiful! 
Thanks for sharing!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Boise, Idaho

Our Cousins, the Boise Bricks came to visit a couple weeks ago and we built this temple for them!
We were so excited to see them and welcome the newest Piece of their family!!
 Stud followed Aunt Artist's lead and made some improvements to Moroni.  Isn't his trumpet AWESOME?
 Studette built the fountain, the walk way, the steeples, and the landscaping.

Boise Lego Temple

Boise Idaho Mormon Temple
Boise Idaho Temple

Sunday, March 10, 2013


 Elder Delahunty left to the New York, New York North mission this week.  We are proud to be his friends and are posting this temple in his honor. 
 This temple is the first place our kids went to a temple Open House.  It is so amazing that in the middle of the bustle of New York, one can feel such a singular peace.  It is a Holy Place that holds many memories for our family.
One particular memory was a $125 parking ticket found after Mr Brick and Mrs Minifigure came out from a temple visit.  All to try to park close and save m oney instead of park in a lot for $20.
This is a small replica, but we hope to build a better one another day!

Best Temple bricks video

Here is our first video attempt! I think Stud and Studette did a great job. Legolas was the director and  Photographer.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our first guest temple!

Our Legocenta Cousins made a Lego temple and sent us the pictures
Grandmafigure really wanted to add some cousins into the temple building tradition.  All of her and Grandpafigure's posterity are truly Lego enthusiasts.  Therefore, we fully expected their creation to be fantastic. 
In Grandma's words,
"Jiminy Cricket," were we blown away!!
 WOW! Stud kept saying, "Mom, they're so good at this!"
 Their photography is way better than ours, too!
We hesitated posting this amazing talent!

The Elephant adds an African touch!!
 Love the "blue screen"

 Here are the Legocenta Professionals. 
Left to right
Back:  Legonardo De Vinci, Ninjongo, Aunt Artist, Grandma Figure,
Front:  Legoooooooal, Pricess Lega, ARCHitecht, Piece Out Dude, and wACko
Legonardo De Vinci and wACo concentrating!!
Our Aunt made this fantastic Moroni! 
  I think we will use this idea to renovate our Moroni.
Grandpafigure, in the background was a Superintendant of the construction site!
 The ARCHitect
Uncle Ninjongo built the steeple.
We actually hope to post many more temples built by YOU!!
Send us your pictures!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Coming to Salt Lake! Yipee!!

We're a little excited about this news our Uncle Chris filled us in on this weekend! 

New LEGO Stores

New LEGO Stores are coming this year to a city near you!
  • Danbury Fair, Danbury, CT
  • West County, Des Peres, MO
  • North Star Mall, San Antonio, TX
  • Fashion Place, Murray, UT
Stay tuned for details on the Grand Opening Celebrations, featuring exclusive, limited-edition LEGO sets and T-shirts!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Recife, Brazil

Legolas and Stud started building the Recife Brazil Temple last week. 
Legolas did a great job with the arches.
The base was finished and Stud was assigned the steeple.
On Thursday, a door knock brought Agent T and MrLeg-O to our house to play.  What did they choose to do? Finish the temple.  Agent T was very excited to landscape the exterior. Mr Leg-O was very maticulous about the steeple with Stud.  They really made it fun!
We love having these boys in our neighborhood!  Good friends definitely help make a holy place.
A funny face shot was required!
Left to right: Elder Leg-O, Elder Stud, and Elder T.
They were very specific about which minifigure represented themselves:)
Before we know it, these 3 will be missionaries.  I would LOVE it if they were able to go to a mission near this particular temple, but I'm a little biased toward Brazil!  
Recife Brazil Lego Temple
Recife Brazil, Temple