Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our first guest temple!

Our Legocenta Cousins made a Lego temple and sent us the pictures
Grandmafigure really wanted to add some cousins into the temple building tradition.  All of her and Grandpafigure's posterity are truly Lego enthusiasts.  Therefore, we fully expected their creation to be fantastic. 
In Grandma's words,
"Jiminy Cricket," were we blown away!!
 WOW! Stud kept saying, "Mom, they're so good at this!"
 Their photography is way better than ours, too!
We hesitated posting this amazing talent!

The Elephant adds an African touch!!
 Love the "blue screen"

 Here are the Legocenta Professionals. 
Left to right
Back:  Legonardo De Vinci, Ninjongo, Aunt Artist, Grandma Figure,
Front:  Legoooooooal, Pricess Lega, ARCHitecht, Piece Out Dude, and wACko
Legonardo De Vinci and wACo concentrating!!
Our Aunt made this fantastic Moroni! 
  I think we will use this idea to renovate our Moroni.
Grandpafigure, in the background was a Superintendant of the construction site!
 The ARCHitect
Uncle Ninjongo built the steeple.
We actually hope to post many more temples built by YOU!!
Send us your pictures!

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