Sunday, March 3, 2013

Recife, Brazil

Legolas and Stud started building the Recife Brazil Temple last week. 
Legolas did a great job with the arches.
The base was finished and Stud was assigned the steeple.
On Thursday, a door knock brought Agent T and MrLeg-O to our house to play.  What did they choose to do? Finish the temple.  Agent T was very excited to landscape the exterior. Mr Leg-O was very maticulous about the steeple with Stud.  They really made it fun!
We love having these boys in our neighborhood!  Good friends definitely help make a holy place.
A funny face shot was required!
Left to right: Elder Leg-O, Elder Stud, and Elder T.
They were very specific about which minifigure represented themselves:)
Before we know it, these 3 will be missionaries.  I would LOVE it if they were able to go to a mission near this particular temple, but I'm a little biased toward Brazil!  
Recife Brazil Lego Temple
Recife Brazil, Temple

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