Sunday, March 31, 2013

Montevideo, Uruguay


Legolas and Bob the Builder(His new name)
 We didn't think we'd have time to build a temple on Easter, but Legolas insisted.
One of his friends at church asked him which temple we would be building today:)
 Legolas was the architect today.
Bob the Builder took on his usual role of constructing the steeple
Lego Montevideo Temple

Montevideo Uruguay Temple


  1. Love the lighting !! Great job. Have tried 3 times now to leave a comment, don't know if it will work.
    You are really quick--guess that comes with experience and a lot of inventory. We are working on Bern, Switzerland--but all we have done is the spire. William and Ryan are our resident "aspiring" builders.
    We and the Cedar Cousins think you should contact Lego and let them know what a following you have and what potential is a Temple kit and get a free Book of Mormon etc. Maybe they'd even send you some free white lego in unusual shapes and sizes.
    These will look great on the resume of a future Lego Master Builder, Legolas.
    Love the new Moroni!

  2. Interesting post. I am 53 years old now - but, 40 years ago I won a national Lego contest. Seeing your post reminds me of what fun I used to have!

    I currently live in Uruguay and write a blog about interesting things happening in the English-speaking community. I love reading about things going on in Uruguay and that's how I came upon your post.
    My Uruguay blog

    1. David,
      Your blog looks very fun! We have considered making a trip to Uruguay for years. "Mr Brick" was a Mormon Missionary there 20 years ago as a young man, so our reference to visiting Uruguay as tourists is limited. Your blog is interesting and will provide us with some good resources. Thanks!