Sunday, March 10, 2013


 Elder Delahunty left to the New York, New York North mission this week.  We are proud to be his friends and are posting this temple in his honor. 
 This temple is the first place our kids went to a temple Open House.  It is so amazing that in the middle of the bustle of New York, one can feel such a singular peace.  It is a Holy Place that holds many memories for our family.
One particular memory was a $125 parking ticket found after Mr Brick and Mrs Minifigure came out from a temple visit.  All to try to park close and save m oney instead of park in a lot for $20.
This is a small replica, but we hope to build a better one another day!

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  1. And this was the temple we were married it! Tell Elder Delahunty to sigh to the Richards when gets to NYC.