Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Frances Monson

As we heard of the passing of Frances Monson, our prophet's wife we felt a great love for President Monson.  2 years ago, he spoke at the funeral of our Grandpafigure's Uncle and was so generous with his time and attention.  He truly has a gift with those suffering in their old age and comforting those who have lost loved ones.  We feel it is our turn to comfort him.  We are certain the Lord will not leave him comfortless, but want to be part of that blessing.

"We ever pray for thee, our prophet dear!"
Studette and her friend, Miss A made a LEGO replica of President and Sister Monson on their wedding day!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cebu, Philippines

 The finished product

Our neighbor, JJ, who happened to know at the door as we were about to start our temple Sunday.  She helped us get a sure foundation!
The Peterson Family!
A mission friend of Mrs Minifigure's who is Brazilian, married to an American and lives in Singapore with their cute family. 
Here is the picture we followed to make their family and the temple!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Piano Music- Randy Allen

Little else makes a place, a moment as holy as sacred music.
My amazing Brother gave us this musical arrangement for Christmas.
We're passing on the gift to you, our followers!
May it make your home a holy place for at least 4 minutes and 5 seconds!

I Know That My Redeemer Lives

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala- Guest Build

The Legoscenta cousins do it again!
Finishing one of the temples on our "to build" list!
The best part?
 Great-Grandmafigure joining in family tradition!
In this picture, Grandmafigure and Grandpafigure are leading the way.
What 93 year old woman do you know that is willing to get down on the ground to build LEGOs with her great-grandchildren?
 We love this matriarch of our family!
 Legonardo DeVinci getting starting...

 El Templo nombre en espaniol
 Los Primos de Legoscenta

 LEGO Quetzaltenango Temple, Bonita!
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Temple

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jordan River Temple

Jordan River LEGO Temple

 2013 Temple Walk
(3.5 miles into the 15 mile journey)
 Our amazing youth at the Jordan River Temple at 7:00 am Saturday Morning. 
Legolas and some friends (B, K, and Bro G) from his Deacon quorum built the LEGO model in preparation for their trek!
K was having too much fun to go home! Who doesn't like to play with water?
Just 2 hours later, They had a temple to show us!
B&K added the fountain after this photo.
A little closer.
The lucky couple is the Deacon's Counselor and his wife.

They were married there just a "few" years ago;)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Guest Build- Mesa Arizona Temple

Samuel Bradshaw, a BYU student from Florida built this temple and when he heard of our blog, sent us pictures.
Here are his own words:
"The Mesa Temple is my mission temple – I served my mission in the Arizona Tempe Mission (2009-2011). I used Google Maps (satellite view) and looked for some photos online to try to get the dimensions right. The hardest part of this temple is that it's so big – I had to make a lot of compromises with details to scale it down to match the number of Legos I had. I'm not completely satisfied with the scale and lack of details, windows, etc., so I'm going to try to build it again sometime!"


Thanks Samuel!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

St George, Utah Temple

Studette made her own version of the St George Temple
She likes to build her own temples with NO help.
 I had to grab my camera and capture this unusual moment:
The boys sleeping and our girl, Studette playing with LEGOs!!!
 New to us, LEGO's Bride and Groom set

Studette was very proud of her round window solution. 
This is the only help she accepted from Mrs. Minifure!!
Photograph of the St. George Utah Mormon Temple
St George, Utah Temple
Photo from
Studette's rendition of this temple helps us think of some things we need to figure out before we try it out again as a family. 
Such as a dome for the steeple.  hmmmm
Send us your LEGO version of the St George Temple!