Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala- Guest Build

The Legoscenta cousins do it again!
Finishing one of the temples on our "to build" list!
The best part?
 Great-Grandmafigure joining in family tradition!
In this picture, Grandmafigure and Grandpafigure are leading the way.
What 93 year old woman do you know that is willing to get down on the ground to build LEGOs with her great-grandchildren?
 We love this matriarch of our family!
 Legonardo DeVinci getting starting...

 El Templo nombre en espaniol
 Los Primos de Legoscenta

 LEGO Quetzaltenango Temple, Bonita!
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Temple

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  1. AuntSue
    Wow! Your Legoscenta cousins are talented too! It is wonderful to see Great-Grandma Figure working those Legos. What skill at 93. This is such an fabulous project. Many Drops of Awesome to your wonderful family.