Wednesday, May 1, 2013

St George, Utah Temple

Studette made her own version of the St George Temple
She likes to build her own temples with NO help.
 I had to grab my camera and capture this unusual moment:
The boys sleeping and our girl, Studette playing with LEGOs!!!
 New to us, LEGO's Bride and Groom set

Studette was very proud of her round window solution. 
This is the only help she accepted from Mrs. Minifure!!
Photograph of the St. George Utah Mormon Temple
St George, Utah Temple
Photo from
Studette's rendition of this temple helps us think of some things we need to figure out before we try it out again as a family. 
Such as a dome for the steeple.  hmmmm
Send us your LEGO version of the St George Temple!


  1. AuntSue
    So impressed by your family's choice to keep the Sabbath holy. Such talented kids, too! Thank you, oh wise parents, for your example. My question may be a little silly, but do you take the temples apart after you finish them?

  2. AuntSue,
    We do take them apart each week. With 170 temples, including those just announced, Our LEGO budget would never reach that far! We keep them displayed in our home until we build a new one. The kids enjoy taking them apart and sorting, there is something theraputic about it:)
    This is one reason we made this blog, to keep a photo record of our journey.