Sunday, May 5, 2013

Guest Build- Mesa Arizona Temple

Samuel Bradshaw, a BYU student from Florida built this temple and when he heard of our blog, sent us pictures.
Here are his own words:
"The Mesa Temple is my mission temple – I served my mission in the Arizona Tempe Mission (2009-2011). I used Google Maps (satellite view) and looked for some photos online to try to get the dimensions right. The hardest part of this temple is that it's so big – I had to make a lot of compromises with details to scale it down to match the number of Legos I had. I'm not completely satisfied with the scale and lack of details, windows, etc., so I'm going to try to build it again sometime!"


Thanks Samuel!!

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  1. It's so amazing to see what everyone can do with Lego! This is a great idea Mrs. Minifigure!