Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What Temple should we build next?

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If you want one other that the four listed, Just leave a comment on this post!
What does your family do for General Conference?
We have done
Conference Bingo,
Conference Packets of all kinds,
games of the General Leaders of the church,
journals (We have some cute ones that Studette has filled out over the years.)
Most of these activities help Studette get a lot out of the weekend and used to help the boys, but Legolas has sort of grown out of some of them.
In October we did:
puzzles of temple square,
a foam 3D puzzle of the Salt Lake Temple.
These helped keep them quiet and listening.
Food and writing down personal questions to seek for answers have yielded the most consistent results.
This weekend we are going to build Lego temples while we listen.
Join us and send in your photos!


  1. Our 4 boys (we just have boys!) love this website! A relative in CA saw it on her mission website...she told my sister in TX...who told me in OH. We looked at the temples, and watched the video (great!) and then saw the picture of Mr. Brick and Mrs. Mini Figure and I said, "Hey! We know these people! They were in the ward that shares our building. We've both lived in CT too (though different parts)." We figure that's maybe why the Columbus and Boston Temples are up for vote. :) Our family votes for Columbus!

    On a side note: We went to Legoland Florida in January. It was awesome! (Dare we say better than Disney??)

    1. Isn't the world such a small place?
      I remember you spending about an hour on the phone with me when we were moving to OH! I needed school/community info and we laughed that an attached garage and central airconditioning were now the norm, not a far off luxury!
      We are so glad you found us and we hope to see some creations from your 4 boys! We have been to Legoland in CA and loved it too! Legolas and Bob would much rather head there than Disney! The Lego Creations there have inspired us, for sure!

      Our kids have been so excited to see where our little blog has been viewed! All over the US as well as:
      Brazil, France, Germany, Singapore, India, Russia just to name some!!

  2. I vote for the Kansas City temple! What a fabulous idea!

  3. I think it would be a fantastic idea to actually "create" a temple. Have the kids pick their favorite features from different temples and put it all together, and then decide where a great location for it would be!

    Just an idea.