Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LDS Conference Center


We hope all enjoyed General Conference this last weekend.

General Conference is a fun tradition at our house.
6 months ago we did a survey on this blog and built the Boston Temple.
It turned out beautiful, but was NOT a great Conference activity.
As the Brick kids get older we try different activities than before.
This weekend worked wonderfully!
 This was mostly built in between the Sunday sessions and Sunday night.

 Our activities: Each bag (15 with a picture of each apostle) had a treat or an activity to help the kids listen to Conference. 
 This felt Geometrical design ended up beautifully and just kept them quiet.
The kids had made predictions from the Fantasy General Conference, so were listening to hear a general topic for each talk.  We don't expect them to soak it all in, just to feel the spirit and pick up a few things that affect their own lives.
 Sunday after 8-10 hours of Conference, the mountains were calling us.  Another Holy Place!
LEGO Conference Center
LDS Conference Center


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