Sunday, October 20, 2013

São Paulo Brazil

 This temple has been one we have wanted to make for months.
The first temple in Brazil, the first in South America.   
Irma Floripes photo by Edmilson Motta Luz 
We've all heard stories of the sacrifice members have made to make it to this temple.
This woman was such an example of love for the temple.  When Mrs Minifigure was a missionary, Sister Floripes was 106 years old and still took the 12 hour bus ride to visit the temple every chance she could. She would stay for a week with other members of the Stake and would stay in the temple ALL DAY!  She was the oldest woman known at the time of her death at 118!
I consider it a blessing to have known her and her daughter, valiant, dedicated, loving, hard working daughters of God!

Sao Paulo Temple
Photo by Edmilson Motta Luz


  1. We have a Temple we designed and built a few Sundays back we call it the Colorado Springs temple because we are hoping for them to build one here! Would love to share a pic how do I do that?

  2. Tina,
    We would LOVE to post your temple. Send pictures to our email,
    Thanks so much and happy to hear your family is looking to the future;)

  3. How can I get the pieces to build this temple??? This is the temple where my parents got sealed and I would love to make one with my kids!!!