Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moroni Added

We asked the question last month

Which other 6 temples besides the Bern Switzerland temple

had Moroni added after the temple dedication?

Well, we actually found not just 6, but 8 more.  If we missed one that you know of,
tell us the story!
Linda Allen guessed right with Boston and
Kaylers guessed Ogden!
Way to go!


Dedicated: 1985
Statue added: 2001
Ogden Utah
Dedicated: 1967
Statue added: 2002
Dedicated: 1967
Statue added: 2003
Sao Paulo Brazil
Dedicated 1975
Statue added:2003
Tokyo Japan
Dedicated: 1975
Statue added: 2004
Dedicated: 1952
Statue added: 2005
Dedicated: 1953
Statue added: 2008
Dedicated: 2000
Statue (and steeple) added 2001
Dedicated: June 2004
Statue added: October 2004

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