Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Provo, Utah temple

Temple pick of the week by Legolas:
Provo Utah
 Since this temple is right across the street from the Provo Missionary Training Center, we decided to put missionaries in front instead of a bride and groom.  This temple is hard because the top portion is more rounded.  Legolas tried to "round" the corners, which he did pretty well, but need more practice with that one!  Any ideas?

Stud and Studette made the fountain and added the landscaping.  Legolas was very particular, though and made sure it met his standards.  I kept trying to get him to relax and let his siblings be creative.  However, the Conference talk about a man making sure there was no grit on the wall of a temple in Hawaii kept coming to mind.  I'm guessing that General Authority was not contentious or critical, just meticulous.  Let's just say we're working on that!

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