Sunday, February 17, 2013


Stud's pick was the Bountiful, Utah temple.
Despite a lack of excitment this week, the kids all got into it with the steeple and roof.  "Little" Stud made the steeple.  Mr Brick and Mrs Mini Figure stayed out of it and it turned out great!!
 The Bride and groom are actually holding hands! a special Valentines touch again by Stud.
Mr Brick made the arched entry.  Curves are always tricky in Lego building. 
This was our first attempt.  WAY too big.  So we scaled down and I think it turned out even better!  This view gives you a peek at what the building process looks like.  Legolas wants to do the inside one time.  Maybe a cross section of a temple with rooms inside.  Fun, Fun!


  1. Very cool, that is such a great idea!

  2. Just left a comment and it didn't go through--These are incredible. I wish we'd have had you show us how to get started when you were here. We wouldn't have had the white ones, but you could have shown us the "footprint" with other colors. Could you take a picture of your bottom row the next time you build one, please. I'm sure the kids will get it better than I do, but it would be helpful. Also, how big are your green plates? It looks like there might be just 2 and I don't remember ever seeing any that big. We are going to Legoland with Amy next month, so we'll look there and see if they have any of those tall ones that you like--the 1x2x5 (maybe that's what it's called). I think those are the only ones they didn't have in Glendale. We ought to skype getting started on one with Benjamin, AC, William and Charlie. This is such a great idea--I think you should send it in to the Friend as a Sunday activity idea.