Sunday, February 17, 2013

A week off!

We were out of town last week.
And here is what we brought home!!
The Pick a Brick at the Lego store was great to us. After we got home , we wish we would have gotten more window pieces.  Thinking of creating your own set of Temple Lego pieces?
Our favorites are:
Brick 1x2 with stick- makes great texture or ridge around top of many temples.

 1x1x5. This tall brick helps the next brick to make even walls and get the height you need quickly.
 1x2x5- OUR FAVORITE BRICK!!! This beauty makes building a whole floor Easy, Peazy! We have over 100 of these and run out with every build!
All different size white plates are vital to making roofs.  We could have about 100 more!!

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