Monday, January 28, 2013

Los Angeles

Last Week's temple.  This week we had a Birthday party for Grandma and didn't build one.
 We have decided to draw who gets to decide which temple we will build on a given week.  Since Studette chose the temple last week, the boys checked out.  This became a 3 person project.
Studette chose "Our temple" The Los Angeles. This is where our family was sealed forever. Where my parents were sealed too! A holy place for us, for sure!

I love this angle because Mr. Brick and Mrs. Minifigure had many pictures taken around here. 

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  1. What a fun project for a Sabbath afternoon! I love the Los Angeles temple because we are in that temple district. I am sure your children are developing strong testimonies of the importance of temple work, as well as developing their artistic talents.
    Do you break each model down, then use the Lego's for the next project or have you kept some intact? How many have been donated? They are pretty impressive! Thank you for sharing.