Monday, June 17, 2013

Kyiv, Ukraine Temple

Who would have thought summer would be busier than the school year?
We'll see how many temples we're able to build.  Any photos of your own creations would be greatly appreciated! 
Kyiv, Ukraine LEGO temple
Our neighbors recently adopted their adorable daughter from the Ukraine and it prompted us to build a temple to welcome her!
Photograph of the Kyiv Ukraine Mormon Temple
 Kyiv, Ukraine Temple Photo from
This model is smal because we had 2 large temples already built and not yet taken apart.
It was fun to see how many we could have built at one time.


  1. We are going to a lego store this summer and I am hoping to buy some white bricks so my kids can build some simple & small temples. What tips do you have for purchasing the most useful kind of bricks? large bricks? some grey? just curious what your thoughts are.

  2. Heather,
    It depends what they have at the LEGO store that day and what temples you're planning on building. The bricks on the wall are always changing. You can always ask if they have any white pieces in the back. Sometimes they do. Windows, plates(flat pieces with bumps vs. tiles that are flat and smooth), any wall building pieces, etc. Grey bricks would work just fine on any temples. putting the bricks together and building as much as you can inside the cup is definitely the best deal. It's fun seeing how many you can get in there beware it could take an hour or more if you're really particular about it(like Mr. Brick)! Good luck and enjoy!

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  4. Any chance you can share additional photos of the Lego version of the Kyiv temple? My mom and dad arrived in Kyiv today as the newly called Temple President and Matron. Dad is a huge Lego fan and I'd love for my son to build him a Lego model of the Kyiv temple. If you wouldn't mind sharing either additional photos or the types of Legos you used, it would be greatly appreciated. My email address is