Sunday, July 7, 2013

Go Elder Duke!

Please meet Elder Duke.
He is serving in St Louis right now!
The Legoscenta Cousins built this LEGO replica of the St Louis temple just for him.
Because Elder Duke is the perfect of example of who a missionary should be.
He has been a special person since the day he was born.  One of those boys who just serves everyone around him.  I am a little biased as his neighbor and beneficiary of service from the whole Duke family, but hey! We pray for him and all missionaries.  The people of St Louis are so blessed to have him there!
So, St Louis, enjoy this LEGO temple, take good care of Elder Duke and listen to his message- its a good one!

 Loving the trees, the steeple, and all the details!
 St Louis Arch in the background!
St Louis LEGO temple
St Louis Temple

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