Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hong Kong China

The Brick Family and the Legoscenta Cousins unite!

We were together for a few days as the Legoscenta cousins came to town for vacation.
What did we do?
Well, there was mostly trampoline jumping and Nerf dart wars, camping with Uncle Wrestle and Aunt Blockie, earring shopping and chasing through the trees at Aunt Canyon's house.
But we managed to squeeze in a little LEGO temple building.
Back row: Studette, wACo, Ninjongo, Mrs. Minifigure, Aunt Artist
Front Row: Legonardo DiVinci, Piece out Dude, ARCHitecht, Legolas
 Legonardo Divinci finishing one roof

 ARCHitecht almost done with the steeple and final roof.

 Ninjongo and Piece out Dude figuring out the windows.

Final results!

Hong Kong LEGO temple
Photograph of the Hong Kong China Mormon Temple
LDS Hong Kong Temple photo from


  1. Here is a place you can get more legos.

  2. Hello Mr Brick and Mrs Mini Figure,

    I am a member from HK and really appreciate the lego model of the hong kong temple. May we have the blueprint for it? can you send to me email: Many thanks for your help in advance :)