Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Minecraft Temples

Do you and/or your kids Build Holy Places in Minecraft?
What a great idea! I know Legolas can waste hours on end on Minecraft if we let him.  So we might as well help him do something worthwhile while he's on there!th
This one is built by our cousin, Mr Yellow Hands.  He created our new logo up in the corner.  Yep, he's a pretty talented artist that knows his way around a computer!! 
It looks like the Draper Temple to me.
Nauvoo Temple
This one is from our dear friend, Devanie!
Great job!
Email us  your Minecraft Temple Creations!!


  1. These are brilliant! You can't quite get all the details when working with cubes, but this is good!

  2. Beautiful, I love Minecraft Temples! I have some of my own on my Facebook page here: